FinishLine Speedway – Micro Reality Racing

Are you looking for a fresh and exciting attraction for your next group function? Is your audience tired of clowns, magicians, rock climbing walls, mechanical bulls, and bounce houses?

Would you like a secret weapon to elevate your repertoire of attractions above the competition? Do you want to be recognized for adding the ultimate interactive experience to your company’s roster?

Do you have a limited entertainment budget, and need a single, cost-effective attraction for your event? Perhaps you need a way to draw prospective customers into your booth so that you can sell them your product or develop leads for future business? Or are you just a racing nut?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then look no further, because you have just found The Ultimate Interactive Experience! Welcome to FinishLine Speedway, premier provider of Micro Reality Racing. As the slogan says, “Your Pleasure is our Business.” Fill out the form now to receive to receive a FREE Instant Quote today!

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Caution: Micro Reality Racing is Extremely Addictive!

If you are a party planner, promoter, caterer, activities chairperson, sales manager, event planner, or even a private individual, now you can put your next event in the winner’s circle with micro reality stock car racing, courtesy of FinishLine Speedway!

Your guests can race up to 6 GIANT, Slot-less Sprint Cup Replicars around a banked oval speedway. Micro Reality Stock Car Racing offers everything to the wanna-be racer that they see on T.V. Spectacular crashes? We’ve got ’em. High-speed Spin outs? We’ve got ’em. Flips? Yep. Our rugged, Crash-proof cars even have reverse in case you hit the wall. Enter the Site!

Fill out the form now to receive to receive a FREE Instant Quote today!

Or call (832)-848-0813

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