Trade Shows

Trade Shows, which are usually held in convention centers or civic centers, are a great fit for micro reality racing.  Your objective, when running a trade show booth, is to get lots of foot traffic.

The best way to get lots of foot traffic is to get a great space in the hall near the entrance, food, or the restrooms.  Barring any of those luxuries, you need an attraction that grabs and keeps attention and also encourages interactivity.  You need something “sticky”.

Micro reality racing is sticky.  It’s addictive like pringles potato chips.  Once you start racing, you can’t stop.

If you are attending a trade show, we would be happy to brand our setup, the banner and the cars with your logo displayed.  You can run tournaments or recoup costs with pay-per-play.  Most convention center halls have ceilings high enough that we can set up our inflatable tent for even more attention grabbing.  When that tent is setup indoors is quite a wonder to see.

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