Why Partner with FinishLine Speedway?

If you are professional in the business world, there are 7 critical reasons that partnering with FinishLine Speedway is good business, we call them the 7 Factors of Our Competitive Advantage.

Our Competitive Advantage

  1. You can purchase a sponsorship package and advertise your business right on the track:

    We have appeared at some of the largest public events in the country in front of millions of attendees. Of course not everyone raced our cars, but millions of pairs of eyes have at least passed by and glanced inside our tent in 2004, seeing our attractive setup. How many of those potential customers do you wish could have seen YOUR business’ name, YOUR website address, and YOUR phone number and logo on a trackside billboard, or better yet as a paint scheme on one of our cars, all benefits of purchasing a sponsorship package.

  2.  We are perfect for trade show booths:

    wpe20What a great way for you to attract potential customers to your booth, offer them the chance to race for free, and then sell them YOUR product or take down their name, number, and email address for YOUR marketing Cool Crowd campaign. FinishLine Speedway is a tremendous traffic builder and maximum crowd pleaser – perfect for any kind of event, function, or social gathering where you want maximum response and positive results… and of course the cars and track can be sponsor branded or customized to suit your business’ need. FinishLine Speedway is perfect for any event, indoors or out, and will “steal the show” every time! That’s why clients ask for FinishLine Speedway by name–it can’t be beat!

  3. We are mobile:

    You don’t have to come to a facility to have a party. Facilities have overhead like rent, lights, and utilities, and these expenses are just reflected in the cost to the customer. Instead, we bring the fun to you. As you can see from our 2004 Schedule, we get around quite a lot. As we like to say, “You Name the Place, We’ll Bring the Race !” We are here to serve your business. Are you having a company picnic? We’ll be there. Is your marketing department having a team-building retreat? Let us help them blow off some steam between strategy sessions with our Super Micro Reality Racing 1 Hour Endurance race. Do you want us to appear in your trade show booth? You got it. Company Christmas Party? Done! New Years Bash? I think you get the idea. Just pick out which track you need and provide the required space. Give us a 20 amp, 120 volt electrical outlet (two 20 amp outlets if we are to provide our Inflatable Tent), and two hours to set up (three hours if our tent is needed).

  4. If you are a non-profit organization, we can help you with your fundraising efforts:

    How? At our public, pay-per-play events such as fairs and festivals, we charge anywhere from $3 to $5 per person to race, depending on the venue. We do 12 lap races that last about 2 minutes each. We have 6 cars that we can run simultaneously. Allow 1 minute between races. Do the math and you quickly discover that we can accommodate 120 racers per hour, which works out to $360 per hour at $3 per race. If we charge $5, that goes up to $600 per hour. If you are coordinating a fundraising event, like a festival or carnival or benefit concert, get one of your sponsors to cover our appearance fee, and we’ll split the profits that we generate with you!

  5. We are absolutely safe for people of all ages:

    How many people have you heard of that have broken a finger, cracked a collarbone, or dislocated a shoulder riding a mechanical bull. Do you want to risk your kids twisting an ankle jumping around in a moon bounce? Rock walls are pretty safe, that is until one of those hydraulic pistons starts leaking while you’re on your way down (I’ve seen it happen more than once). After attempting to climb a rock wall three times and getting stuck, you won’t have the energy to attempt a fourth time anyway. Trust me, I know from experience. Do you want to be sore at work on Monday because you tried to climb a wall on Saturday? Probably not. People of all ages can race our cars, from 3 years to 103 years, with no risk of injury or soreness.

  6. We are competitively priced:

    Based on the number of people that can participate per hour (well over 100), as well as the number of spectators who are losing their minds and screaming their hearts out for their favorite drivers or favorite cars, FinishLine Speedway is a much better bang-for-your-buck value compared to mechanical bulls, rock walls, bounce houses, and VR Simulators. Either those games can’t entertain the sheer number of people that we can, or they’re not very interesting to watch for the spectators. Each event is different, which is why you need to request a Free Custom Quote below so we can determine how to best suit your needs. In order to determine which package is optimal, we must know how many hours you will need us, whether you will need us for multiple days, if the event is indoors or outdoors, which track you want us to bring, and whether you need anything customized, like car bodies, steering consoles, trackside billboards or trackside banners. Request a Free Custom Quote below.

  7. NASCAR is Hot:

    According to one study, “NASCAR is a big business, a $2 billion a year industry, founded 51 years ago by Bill France, Sr. from his family-owned garage in Daytona, Florida. Car racing is the fastest growing sport in America, drawing millions of TV viewers to watch broadcasts like those of the Daytona 500 and the Sprint Cup circuit. On television, NASCAR races ‘blow away every sport but pro football,’ according to Time. . . Racing may be the best buy in sports. The logos splashed on the racecars are rolling billboards, and fans spend to buy their products.”

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