Fairs & Festivals

FinishLine Speedway is no stranger to fairs and festivals. These are some of the events at which we have appeared, along with their estimated attendance figures:

  • South Florida Fair 659,000
  • Florida State Fair 453,000
  • St. Lucie County Fair 111,000
  • Central Florida Fair 200,000
  • Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo 300,000
  • Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show 150,000
  • Yuma County Fair 229,000
  • Maircopa County Fair 100,000
  • Cajun Heartland State Fair 115,000
  • Porter County Fair 175,000
  • Heart of Illinois Fair 200,000
  • Lasalle County 4H and Junior Fair 10,000
  • Ionia Free Fair 356,000
  • Salem Fair 400,000
  • Illinois State Fair 750,000
  • Erie County Fair 1,100,000
  • Duchess County Fair 515,000
  • Great Allentown Fair 521,000
  • York Fair 585,000
  • Virginia State Fair 262,000
  • Tennessee State Fair 200,000
  • Mid South Fair 435,000

For a grand total attendance of 7,811,000. Of course not everyone raced our cars, but that’s 7,811,000 pairs of eyes that may have at least passed by and glanced inside our tent, seeing our attractive setup. How many of those 7,811,000 potential customers do you wish could have seen YOUR business’ name, YOUR website address, and YOUR phone number and logo on a trackside billboard, or better yet as a paint scheme on one of our cars, all benefits of purchasing a sponsorship package.

Give us a call at (832) 848-0813 if you would like to include us at your event at the next fair or festival. Or fill out the form for a FREE Instant Quote.