Bar & Tavern Tournaments

For tournaments, we have a special weekly tournament package.  It is modeled after the Nextel Cup Series.  Since bars and taverns have a group of regular customers, we recommend an entry fee to join the R/C racing club.

They will race weekly on one of your slower nights, such as Monday – Wednesday.  All entry fees contribute to a first second and third prize that will be given away after a set number of weeks.

Since we would be running on traditionally slower evenings, this is perfect to increase your business early in the week.

Your tournament can be structured as individual or team based, similar to our FinishLine Speedway Endurance race.

Either way, the participants accumulate points throughout the series and they can weekly prizes as well as an end of season prize.  It’s up to you and every event is customizable to your specific needs.

Give us a call today at (832) 848-0813 to find out more about our tournament options or fill out the form for a FREE Custom Quote