Company Picnics

So the boss put you in charge of the company picnic this year.  Last year’s picnic was fun, despite the mosquitoes.  With the double threat of West Nile and Zika, the bosses felt the person who planned it last year didn’t think through all the consequences of holding the company picnic right on the lake after all the rains you guys have been having.  Moist ground next to a lake just does not mix with 95 degrees and 85 percent humidity. Ouch.

You can obviously do better than that. Much better.  Let’s recap last year’s company picnic.  First, nobody knows who made the potato salad.  At a potluck, that’s always a no-no.  Always put your name on the potato salad if you expect people to eat it.

And second-of-ly, yes, there was some good kids entertainment last year.  You had a bounce house, a ball pit, an inflatable castle maze, and an obstacle course.  But what about the adults?

All of those attractions are strictly for kids, and the thirty somethings, forty somethings should not be encouraged to bounce around and run obstacle courses if you expect them to be in the office first thing Monday morning without smelling like Icy Hot and liniment.

So last year the adults were stuck out and because of that and the mosquito infestation, Angela had to give up her role as the company picnic coordinator and so you got the gig.

Imagine the look on the boss’ face when he’s getting off the interstate, headed to the park and sees the checkered flag canopy atop the inflatable dome tent from a klick away?  Picture it when he sees the sis steering wheel consoles and then the race track, scoreboard and cars in all their glory.

He knows there’s about to be some serious racing action going down. And you will be the one who put the smile on his face. Can you say big bonus?

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