FinishLine Speedway Benefits


Gain market exposure from a new, wild and unique customer base. Bringing FinishLine Speedway micro reality events to your business on a weekly base will help get more customers in your establishment.  This happens by allowing you to offer customers the opportunity to play for free if they eat at or attend your bar, restaurant or business .

This will work for any day you want to raise the attendance, bringing new customers and turning them into loyal customers. We will help you reach maximum exposure for those day to turn them to your best days.

Reputation Management

Building a fun reputation is hard work. When you have us on your team one or two days each week, however, we make it easier to have a fun exciting atmosphere and we keep people excited about coming in more often.

We have brought smiles to millions of faces across the country – having a good time is one thing we know best. When people come to visit your business on the days you select, they will associate the fun they had competing on the track with your business. Since you will be sponsoring the event, your name will be displayed on everything they see.

Establish Goals

We help you set goals such as attracting more customers, converting more prospects to repeat consumers, having existing customers come in more frequently, or all the above. Identifying these different goals, or others, is vital for a successful event.

Reach Your Goals

We tailor the events to the goals you have set to help you best achieve them. For example, if your goal is to get more repeat business, you would need to send out a coupon for the other days you want to bring them back in. This is one of the many methods we have to keep your venue full.