Team Building Retreats

The key to having a harmonious work environment is being part of an inclusive team.  Well just like in sports, the teammates must be in sync if the team is to have any chance of winning a title.  Because of that, coaches often put the teammates through different bonding experiences.

Sometimes the guys in the locker room even have rituals that they conduct with the (sometimes unwillingly) rookies in order to build a spirit of inclusion and sameness.

The workplace is no different.  When a group that only works together, and does not build relationships outside of the workplace, it can foster an environment of mistrust and a lack of camaraderie.

There comes a time when the office mates just need to cut loose for a while, and get to know their character of their coworkers.  That’s where a team building retreat comes in.

Team building retreats give you and your coworkers the chance to take part in trust building exercises, like trust falls.  You also take part in exercises like scavenger hunts, strategy games and competition.

What better way to combine all three than a team format race tournament, sort of like the 24 hours of Le Mans.  We sometimes call it the 1 hour of micro reality racing, but it’s official name is the FinishLine Speedway Endurance Race. You divide evenly into 6 teams and each team member is responsible for driving an allotted time period, depending on the number of team members.

Each person also has to spend some time in the pit changing batteries. So you have to decide who is better suited to drive and who is better for changing batteries, and how long each person should perform each task.

For example, with six teams of 5 people, each person would drive for 12 minutes and the team with the most laps at the end of the hour wins the competition and the prize that the organizer (you) designates.

It is a great way to employ strategy, trust, and team building in a single event.

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