Attract More Customers

The Problem

Mondays through Thursdays are becoming harder to get more people in your establishment. People are working and not everyone goes out to eat on these weekdays.

On Friday through Saturday you see your business soar just to see it decline on the following week day. You just don’t know how to get them in the door during the week.

You need something worthwhile to get the same traffic during the week as you do on the weekend days. There are some things you can do such as kids eat free or hire a band that you don’t really know if everyone will like.

The problem is that every other company is doing that and you need to differentiate your business from the rest and bring excitement back to your business.

So you’re probably asking yourself why you would need FinishLine Speedway to attract more customers. Well this is because you need to differentiate yourself from the competition; you want to build a loyal customer base and you need to have that hot spot not for one or a couple days but all week long. We help you get more out of the week.

The Proposal / Solutions

FinishLine Speedway is offering to attract customers to your establishment, via event marketing, to make your establishment the goto place in your area.

We will bring our micro reality stock car track to your business, set up, and run it at your location to attract long lasting loyal customers. So with the purchase of a meal they will get the chance to race our on stock car track.

We will help you attract customers on the slow days, Monday through Thursday. We know how hard it is to get people in the door on those days and we are here to get them there and keep them happy and entertained.

The objective is to get the customers in the door, to play for free, and to start a routine of coming to your restaurant more often on the days you specify.

Let’s put Mondays back on the table and get people excited about coming in. This will help your business start a buzz around the community; it’s the perfect event that you have been waiting for to keep your establishment packed day in and day out.

We Will Help You Attract More Long-Term Customers.

Imagine holding a racing competition every Tuesday that anyone who purchases a meal can enter. At this competition you will have tons of hungry people in the building watching or participating in the event.

You can broadcast that the winner gets their meal paid for or any other prize you choose. People are going to flock to your establishment week after week to join in on the fun. You will see your business take off as people connect your business with having a great time and fun atmosphere.

Let’s pass ordinary and move towards extraordinary, there is so much room to grow! We will help you get there. Don’t let the competition bring us in and miss out on this great opportunity to build long lasting good first impressions of your business.

Leave your customers wondering how could they have ever lived without you. Become the go to spot for a great time; break away from traditional. Get in the winner circle with FinishLine Speedway; where you always finish first!

What This Means for You

  • More customers
  • Increased Sales
  • Better attractions
  • Build an exciting atmosphere
  • More Loyal customers
  • Great first impressions
  • Distance yourself from your competition
  • Generate More Leads

If you have a restaurant or a venue that you would like to get more foot traffic to on slow days, give us a call at (832) 848-0813 or request a FREE Custom Quote!