Employee or Customer Appreciation

Let’s say you have a storefront or your business has a physical location like a car wash, auto dealership, barber shop or beauty salon, clothing boutique, restaurant or sports bar.  You’re always looking for fun and unique ways to show your customers you appreciate their business.

Not only do customer appreciation days help you build repeat long-term business from your loyal employees, but when promoted properly, you also get an immediate spike in business during the days that your promotion runs, whether it be for the day, weekend, all week, or all month.

Customer appreciation days usually include coupons, two for ones, bogo offers, and discount prices.  You will also usually find free refreshments and drinks, music, either live or from a dj, and amusement for the kids.

What better way to keep the kids entertained and occupied than featuring our stock car race track as the focal point of the kids amusement during your promotion.

We can do a pay-per-play revenue share if you’d like to recoup some of your costs, but the best way is to offer free racing to your attendees as a loss leader, and look forward the long-term increase in revenue and customer loyalty.

When your customers are choosing between you and your competition, they will choose you because you guys went all out with those “cool little cars that time”.

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