Corporate Team Building Events

If you are organizing an onsite or local corporate team building event, as opposed to an offsite retreat, FinishLine Speedway can provide our equipment for the enjoyment of your employees. We can be scheduled to appear for one or multiple days, and accommodate your lunch and break activities, or we can be a featured exercise in team building.

Our FinishLine Speedway Endurance Race can be used to as a trust, team building, and strategy building exercise.

To illustrate how the the 1 hour of FinishLine Speedway Endurance event, think of the 24 hours of Le Mans race.  The 24 hours of Le Mans race is a 24 hour event where each team has at least 3 drivers who take turns driving in a 24 hour continuous race event.  Each driver must drive at least 2 hours before he or she can be relieved by another driver.

The FinishLine Speedway Endurance Race is similar in format and can be conducted for the length that you choose.  You can have up to 6 teams, each team will have an even number of participants.  Once you decide the length of your race, each driver will be assigned a time period to drive and driving order, like a relay race.  Each driver must also spend time in the pit, assigned to change batteries.

It is a test of resource and personnel management.  You must strategize when to change batteries and when to push out a few more laps to take advantage of the slower drivers.  You must decide who is better suited to drive longer, and who is a better battery changer.

It is an awesome way to get to know members of your team in ways that have nothing to do with office talk and is a great way to build relationships that extend beyond the workplace.

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